Defend the crap and prevent the flies from eating it while you discover as different enemies as bumblebees, light flies and the fearsome kamikaze flies, which, stuffed with dynamite, will try to blow up your crap to pieces!

Kill them, drag them across the screen while they are bleeding or shake your iPhone / iPod Touch and laugh as you see how they die smashed! Be the fastest one and get combos thanks to the speed or the quantity of blood in the screen!

Try the free version and, if you like it, turn it to the full version directly from the game itself.

Be brave enough to advance by 16 levels in 4 different scenarios with 3 degrees of difficulty. You will have a series of special weapons to fight the hordes of flies that will threaten you, like a spray that will stun them for some seconds; a fly swatter which will allow you to kill several flies at once; an electric trap that, by only touching it, will prepare you an excellent grilled fly, or your most valued ally, the sexy fly, that will make other flies forget their appetite and enter on heat crazily!

Don’t insist on soft areas, you will not be able to splash the flies on the lake, the sponge, the hole in the parquet, or in the sewer grille.

Be careful with the sharp traps that you will have to avoid! Don’t put your finger on them because, although you will kill the fly, you will harm both your finger and your scoreboard.

Will you be able to save the poor and helpless crap? It counts on you, do not disappoint it!

It’s their time... In massacre mode, you will not have to bother about saving the crap, as here, the only important things are your reflexes and your fly-killer instinct! You will earn points by killing all what you see in the screen, and you will get bonuses if you are a nimble and quick fly killer, and if you demonstrate that your brutality has no limits and that you don’t resign yourself with an unbloody scenario! And get ready for the best: by earning points, a meter will be loaded, giving you the tempting possibility of shaking your iPhone/iPod Touch, which will smash everything that breathes, even arriving to splash your screen! Smile, it’s your moment!

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Kill the Fly is compatible with all iPhone and iPod Touch models with Firmware 3.0 or above.

Kill the Fly
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